Majacraft Aura

A revolutionary new spinning wheel; the Majacraft Aura has 2 independent drive bands, one for the flyer and a second for the bobbin. The flyer drive has 3 ratios, the bobbin has 2 and there are almost infinite possibilities for intermediate ratios.
The Aura has a new style flyer and is compatible with all Majacraft accessories and all Majacraft wooden bobbins produced after April 2010. It folds down for travelling and comes with 3 jumbo bobbins.
Price £1125.00 UK P&P £30.00

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Majacraft Aura Overdrive

As the Majacraft Aura but with the overdrive head, flyer and super large bobbin instead of the standard Aura head, flyer and bobbins.
Price £1225.00 UK P&P £30.00


Aura Wheel