Louet Julia

Julia £425 (p&p £22.50)
The Julia is made of lacquered solid beech and laminated birch. The base can be easily detached from the upright for ease of transportation Bobbins, flyer and the Scotch tension are the same as on the Victoria.

There are four ratios -  1:6, 1:8.5, 1:12.5, 1:19. An optional high speed set ( which is also the same set as the Victoria uses) provides an extra 1:27 ratio and make it easier to treadle the 1:19 on the Julia.

A removable insert provides two orifice sizes (12mm and 8mm). All rotating parts run on ball bearings for smooth operation.

The Julia comes complete  with a stand-alone 3 bobbin Lazy Kate with an adjustable brake and 3 bobbins.

Accessories available:
Stand alone Skein Winder
Stand alone 4 bobbin Lazy Kate
Standard bobbins
High speed bobbins
High speed set