Skeinwinders/Niddy Noddies


Hedgehog niddy noddy 
Standard £12.00 (p&p £5.00)
Short £8.00 (p&p £5.00)

available to order

Simple traditional design in varnished ramin dowel.

Majacraft free standing skeiner £165.00
(p&p £10.50)
available to order

Free standing tensioned skeiner, allows for variable skein sizes.

Majacraft wheel skeiner £85.00
(p&p £5.50)

available to order

Fits onto the flyer shaft of all Majacraft wheels and allows for variable skein sizes.


wooden umbrella swift
Small (height approx 64cm) £45.00 (p&p £6.50)
(Takes skeins of up to approx 150cm)
Large (height approx 78cm) £50.00 (p&p £10.00)
(Takes skeins of up to approx 275cm)

available to order

Louet stand-alone skein winder £110.00 
(p&p £5.50)

in stock
Louet’s stand-alone skein winder allows a user to easily clamp it to a table for use with any brand or type of spinning wheel. This convenient skein winder folds for easy storage or transport.