Louet high speed flyer  £60.00
(p&p £5.50)
 The Louet high speed flyer comes with a sliding hook to allow for fine adjustments of hook position. It is 4" wide inside and has a 3/8" orifice. High speed and fat core bobbins are available for this flyer. Fits the S10, S10DT and S17. (A high speed kit for the Victoria/Julia, comprising a high speed flyer and 3 bobbins is available for £115.00 + £4.50 p&p)

Louet bulky flyer £50.00
(p&p £5.50)

The Louet bulky flyer fits the S10, S10 DT and S17. Used with bulky bobbins (available separately) it enables generous quantities of thick or art yarns to be spun.

Majacraft delta flyer £41.00
(p&p £5.50)
The delta flyer is unique to Majacraft and is exceedingly easy to use while being a great general purpose flyer. The open cup hooks and delta orifice make yarn-threading easy.

Majacraft fine fibre flyer £50.00
(p&p £5.50)
The Majacraft fine fibre flyer has a 3/8" orifice and is suited to spinning finer yarns or long draw spinning. The Majacraft fine fibre flyer is also available as the 'E-System' which has hard-wearing, super-smooth ceramic inserts - £57.50

Majacraft lace 'e' flyer £57.00
(p&p £5.50)
This Majacraft lace flyer is a variant of the ' E-system' fine fibre flyer. It has the same brass orifice with ceramic insert and 'E' hook and a short flyer bar so has less inertia when spinning fine yarns at high speeds. The Lace Flyer,high speed whorl   and 2 lace bobbins come in the lace kit designed specially for spinning fine yarns.

Majacraft plying flyer £43.00
(p&p £5.00)
The Majacraft plying flyer comes with a delta orifice and has a long flyer bar to accomodate the Majacraft jumbo plying bobbins. Like the Majacraft delta flyer, the plying flyer is very easy to thread and simple to use.

Majacraft wild flyer £63.00
(p&p £5.50)

The wild flyer is another unique Majacraft innovation. It has been designed to spin art yarns and has a huge 23mm ceramic orifice to allow the bulkiest of yarns to flow with ease. 

(While every wild flyer has been balanced to spin as smoothly as possible, the large size of the rings and flyer bar may cause the flyer to becomed slightly unbalanced at very high speeds. For this reason, we recommend that the wild flyer is not used with accessories such as the high speed head or fast whorl.)