Spinning Accessory Sets


Majacraft lace set £140.00
(p&p £5.50)
The lace kit contains 2 fat core hand turned wooden bobbins and a specially made E system flyer which has less drag for high speed spinning. It will fit on any Majacraft spinning wheel and can also be used with the high speed spinning head.

Majacraft wild flyer set £105.00
(p&p £5.50)

Enables spinner to incorporate bulky materials into the spun fibre. Ceramic orifice for smooth plying. Used with the plying bobbin. Can be supplied by itself or as a kit with a plying bobbin.
A special scotch tension knob is available for the Little Gem wild flyer set for an additional £7.50

Majacraft plying set £95.00
(p&p £5.50)
Plyer flyer with delta orifice and jumbo sliding flyer hook complete with plying bobbin.

Majacraft stylus set £95.00
(p&p £5.50)
The Stylus set includes a  spindle and two stylus bobbins. The extra bobbin is necessary if you plan to ply your yarn spun with the stylus. A one bobbin Stylus set is available for £65.00

Louet high-speed spinning set for Victoria or Julia £145.00  (p&p £5.50)

Victoria or Julia High Speed Set - This high speed set for the Victoria contains a flyer, 3 bobbins, a small whorl and a hook for threading the yarn through the orifice and the flyer hole. The image is of the beech set, but in the oak set the flyer disc and the hook handle are oak. The orifice is 5 mm, but you can take out the inserts and have an 8 or 12 mm orifice. Ratios are 1:20 for the Victoria and 1:30 for the Julia.