Majacraft plastic bobbins £18.00 each.  4 bobbins £70.00
(p&p £2.50/£5.00)

in stock

Reversible plastic bobbins with large capacity. Almost indestructible. Suitable for washing fibres while still on the bobbin. 

Majacraft special edition coloured bobbins -various colours - please ask for details £22.00 each (p&p £2.50)

Majacraft Aura/plying bobbin £45.00 
(p&p £5.00)

in stock

Plying bobbin that holds around twice as much as a standard bobbin. Ideal for plying or for spinning fancy or extra bulky yarns. Comes as standard with the Aura spinning wheel.
(Requires wild , plying or Aura hybrid flyer.)

Majacraft wooden bobbin £42.00
(p&p £2.50)
Standard sized bobbins with wooden ends.

available to order

Majacraft lace bobbin £42.00
(p&p £2.50)
Fat core bobbin with wooden ends, fits on lace flyer.

in stock

Majacraft baby bobbin £36.00
(p&p £2.50)
Wooden ended bobbin fits on lace flyer, ideal for plying from lace bobbins.

available to order

Majacraft stylus bobbin £35.00
 (p&p £2.50)

available to order
The Stylus bobbins can be purchased individually to go with your Majacraft Stylus. They are crafted using  fibre glass and Tawa  so will match your other Majacraft wooden bobbins as well as being very durable. While smaller and shorter than any of Majacraft's other bobbins, they will hold a huge amount of fibre compared to traditional quill type spinning. They will also fit on Majacraft LazyKates

Louet IrT high speed bobbin £21.50
(p&p £2.50)

in stock
The Louet high speed bobbin creates higher ratios for easier spinning of fine yarns. Its ratios are: 6.5:1, 9.5:1 and 15:1 The high speed bobbin will fit on all current and discontinued Louet wheels EXCEPT: S40, S45, Victoria, S87 & S90.

Louet fatcore bobbin £45.00  (p&p £2.50)

available to order

The Louet fatcore bobbin  makes it easier to spin finer yarns, by adding a thicker center core to the high speed bobbin which reduces the pull as the wheel draws in at a higher ratio. Its ratios are: 6.5:1, 9.5:1 and 15:1 The fatcore bobbin will fit on all current and discontinued Louet wheels EXCEPT: S40, S45, Victoria, S87 & S90


Louet bulky bobbin £30.00  (p&p £2.50)

in stock

The bulky bobbin was designed to hold bulky yarns. If your intentions are to spin novelty yarns on a regular basis, this is the bobbin for you. The bobbin will hold 250-400 gr of yarn and its ratios are 6.2:1, 5:1, and 4.2:1. To use the bulky bobbin, you will need the wide flyer as well. The Bulky bobbin will fit on all current and discontinued Louet wheels EXCEPT: S40, S45, Victoria, S87, S90

Louet standard bobbin £21.50  (p&p £2.50)

lacquered bobbins in stock

unlacquered bobbins available to order

 This is Louet's standard Irish tension bobbin, It comes in lacquered or unfinished form.  If you are looking for replacement bobbins for the S10, S51, S10 DT, S51 DT wheels, you want the lacquered version. If you are looking for an extra bobbin for the S17, S15 or S75 wheels, you are looking for the unfinished version.

The wheels mentioned above are bobbin led wheels. The ratios for these wheels are controlled by the bobbin and are: 5.5:1 for slow spinning and heavy yarn; 7.5:1 for medium yarn; and, 10.5:1 for fast spinning and fine yarn. Bobbins will hold approximately 180-250 gr of yarn – a very large capacity.

Louet standard Scotch tension bobbin £20.00 (UK p&p £2.50)

beech in stock

oak available to order

Louet's Scotch tension bobbin will fit the Victoria, S10C Scotch tension and Julia spinning wheels.