Spare parts

Spare Parts

Spare parts, including drive bands for both the current and older models of the Hedgehog drum carders and card cloth for hand and drum carders, are available. Spare parts, including bobbins, drive bands, tension cords and springs, are available for Majacraft and Louet spinning wheels and other spare parts can be ordered.
Repairs of drum carders and Majacraft spinning wheels can be carried out in our workshop. 
 Hedgehog drum carder drive band - round profile £20.00 (P&P £1.50)
Hedgehog drum carder drive band - flat profile £25.00 (P&P£1.50)
Little Gem upper drive band £10.00 (P&P £1.50)
Little Gem lower drive band £15.00 (P&P £1.50)
Rose drive band £10.00 (P&P £1.50)
Suzie drive band £10.00 (P&P £1.50)
Pioneer drive band (P&P £1.50)
Aura stretchy drive band £10.00 (P&P £1.50)
Aura non-stretchy drive band £15.00 (P&P £1.50)
Tension cord (per metre) £4.00 (P&P £1.50)
Majacraft flyer hooks: 6mm standard £5.65 (p&p £1.50)
                                              6mm ceramic £12.50 (p&p £1.50)
                                              8mm standard £5.65 (p&p £1.50)
                                                10mm ceramic £15.00 (p&p £1.50)
                                               12mm standard £6.75 (p&p £1.50)
                                               23mm ceramic £17.50 (p&p £1.50)
                                               24mm standard £7.50 (p&p £1.50)