Hand Carders

Hedgehog hand carders

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Flat-backed carders made from plywood with angled handles. The card cloth is lightly padded to make these light, strong hand carders a pleasure to use. Instructions included.
                                                                             Carding Area:  180mm (7.25") x 95mm (3.75") 
Card cloth 72 ppsi (approx)   tinned wire on 3 ply 0.9mm blue/grey rubber backing

£35.00 per pair (UK P&P £5.00)



Majacraft hand carders  £72.00
(UK p&p £5.00)

in stock

Very lightweight curved hand carders made from bamboo plywood that are a delight to use.


Louet regular hand carders £70.00
(p&p £5.00)

in stock
 Hand carders made of tulip wood (a variety of Dutch Poplar )with a curved back and ergonomic handles that fit comfortably in the hands.
Carding Area: 19cm x 10cm
card cloth (approx) 46ppsi

Louet cotton hand carders £70.00
(p&p £5.00)

in stock
 As above but with 65ppsi (approx) Suitable for finer or exotic fibres.
Carding area: 19cm x 10cm

Louet mini cotton carders £48.00
(p&p £3.50)

in stock
  Mini cotton carders'  backs are half the width of the larger cotton hand cards. They are ideal for smaller quantities, children or people with wrist problems. 
Carding Area: 10cm x 10cm