Drum Carders


Louet Standard Drum Carder £455.00  (free UK P&P)

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Designed for carding and blending a wide variety of fibres, the Louet standard drum carder has 72ppsi. All Louet drum carders are made of laminated birch and have a hard white coating.  The drums of the standard and classic drum carders are 19cm wide. In order to ensure a long life the teeth on the carders are made of nickel plated steel wire and the gearboxes are enclosed to prevent fibres entering the gear system. The drum carder comes with a doffer brush, doffing needle, 2 clamps and an instruction manual written by well known author  and fibre artist Deb Menz. The Louet standard drum carder is also available to order with 46 ppsi.

Overall dimensions (approx)

Drum Width: 19cm/7.5 inches

Card Cloth :

72ppsi on blue/grey rubber



Louet junior (roving) drum carder £325.00 (free UK P&P)

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The Junior drumcarder has a fine cloth (72 teeth per square inch) and 10cm (4") wide drums.. The fine cloth makes carding  and blending fine fibres easy.

 It comes  equipped with a doffer brush, doffer pin and two table clamps to clamp it onto a sturdy table. The Louet junior drum carder is also available to order with 46ppsi.